Touchless. Accurate. Efficient.

Not all thermal sensors are equal!

MOBOTIX utilizes the latest in thermal imaging technology with sensors made by FLIR®.
Each unit comes equipped with:

  • Microphone and speaker
  • On-board storage
  • Advanced analytics

With proper deployment, body temperature can be accurately measured within 1°F.

MOBOTIX Thermal (M16TR)

🔥 #MOBOTIX #Thermal Solutions can help analyze critical situations and is commonly used in proactive notifications & preventative measures. Our thermal cameras can detect and register the temperature of objects and people. Learn more and contact us:

Posted by Mobotix_USA on Monday, May 18, 2020

American Guardian GOSAFE Body Temperature Scanner

Qualcomm-body temperature and facial recognition scanner that securely scans in less than one second with on-board AI.

Touchless Entry/Face Recognitions

Go safely back into public spaces using a body temperature scanner

Introducing American Guardian GoSafe, a Qualcomm-based device. Scan for temperature, mask presence and facial recognition.

Why GoSafe?

  • Securely scan in less than one second with on-board AI
  • The only scanner with live video assistance for real time entry approval
  • Provides access control integration for automatic doors
  • Centralized management for multiple scanners, data and attendance
  • Free, unlimited help & training

Securely scan and prevent people with elevated temperatures or no mask
from entering your offices, hospitals and public spaces.

3 Operation Modes

  • Stand-alone offline
  • LAN managed
  • Cloud managed

Customizable Setting

  • Body temperature level
  • On/Off facial recognition
  • On/Off mask presence
  • On/Off card reader

Access Control

Allow entry based on temperature, mask detection, facial recognition, ID card or via remote approval

1.6’ – 3.2″

Accurate temperature
measurement distance

0.3 – 1second

Temperature read & facial
recognition speed


Face storage

+/- 0.9 F

Temperature accuracy

GoSafe FAQs

Go safely back into public spaces.

Kids can go safely back into schools.

Customers can safely come back in.

For More Information on Thermal Solutions

Please Contact (703) 222-4666 or

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