With Wavestore’s highly-secure VMS at the heart of your total security solution, you have the freedom to bring together virtually any camera, device or system – combining video, metadata and audio – onto a common open-platform.

Whether you are looking for video only, or to fully integrate with any mix of the world’s leading brands of access control, intruder & perimeter protection, intelligent video analytics, and much more; Wavestore enables you to create complete best-in-breed systems that grow with your business and deliver robust and reliable management and recording.

NVRs and HVRs

Our range of NVRs and HVRs come pre-installed with Wavestore’s Video Management Software and deliver a robust and reliable recording solution for a wide range of applications, from general purpose surveillance to fully integrated enterprise solutions.

Highly secure open-platform Video Management Software (VMS)

Whether you’re looking for video only applications, combining the world’s leading camera brands and multiple technologies – including analogue, HD, 4K, multi-sensor and 360 degree, or a fully integrated solution adding Access control, Intruder detection, Video analytics, Intercoms, Audio, Lighting and much more, Wavestore’s VMS is the ideal platform to sit at the heart of your system and expand and grow your business and requirements.

Integration Modules

Wavestore VMS integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications. They partner with globally recognized hardware and software vendors to help solve all of your security system challenges.

Upgrade Bundles

Wavestore’s flexible and optional Upgrade Bundles keep your VMS up to date with the latest features and functionality without entering into expensive annual recurring contracts.

Make complex integrations simple

Designed with the user in mind, Wavestore is easy to operate and by combining video, audio and metadata assists operators in rapidly responding to incidents as they happen, or through forensic examination after the fact, using Wavestore’s highly acclaimed search and review functionality.

Innovation with integrity

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our VMS is equipped with a vast number of innovative features, many of which are unique to Wavestore, and which deliver real-world advantages to our customers.

These include LASS, our own powerful file system that never corrupts, the fastest scroll-bar search available and EcoStore™ which can save you over 80% on your storage energy requirements by intelligently spinning down hard drive arrays that are not being written to or read from.

Whether you are looking for a small video-only
system, or a fully integrated solution…

…our goal is to make sure you can deploy best-in-breed solutions which match your exact requirements today, but with the ability to expand your system and take advantage of new technology innovations when they become available.

With Wavestore, you will never waste your initial investment.