Remote Site Manager

By Dropping a few Solar Wireless Cameras, The GSS Site Manger Systems will start offering you a peace of mind by sending you text alerts of

  • Which parking space becomes available
  • Which parking space is occupied
  • A person or vehicle loitering in the area
  • A person is approaching or leaving the building
  • A vehicle is moving in the wrong direction

How it works:

The GSS Site manager is the easiest solution to provide real time business intelligence through our integrated edge AI and camera solutions. Just mount 2 to 3 of our cameras at any pole without any tree shades or shadow

The Remote Site Manger System will send you instant messages about

  • Which Parking Space is occupied
  • Which Spaces become available

As long as a person is staying or loitering in an area more than a pre-defined period, the Remote Site Manger will send you an instant text message, framing the subject and describe the loitering situation.

The Site Manger will also alert you when a person or vehicle is leaving or approaching a certain subject or area.

For example, you get an instant message when a truck driver leaving a site.  Or a customer persists approaching the building instead of just looking around in a car lot in a dealership.

Applications and Verticals

  • Construction Site
  • Outdoor storage
  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Playground
  • Power Stations
  • Dumpsters

As long as there is a pole with plenty of sunlight looking at the spot

For More Information on Remote Site Manager

Please Contact (703) 222-4666 or


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