Iluminar is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of IR and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products and boasts the largest selection of low voltage lighting products in the industry.

Perfect lighting solution for every video surveillance and license plate capture application.

Just as the human eye relies on the presence of an adequate light source to see, security cameras must be provided with proper illumination to capture high-quality images and video. Iluminar’s superb independent lighting and LPR solutions can bring your security solutions to the next level.

Energy-Efficient IR Lights for Night Vision

Adding illuminators can boost your cameras’ night vision. Additional IR lights for night vision turn low-light/no-light areas into what your camera will capture as near-daylight. When paired correctly, your cameras and illuminators act together to give you crystal clear images in what would appear to be almost total darkness to the human eye.

LEDS - Superior quality and longer lifespans

LED lights provide the best illumination of all lighting sources; the spread of the light is even, they allow for better targeting, and there are no dark spots. They also start up instantly and there is no warm-up period before maximum lighting. Furthermore, high-end LED products are great for extreme weather conditions—be it cold or hot

Invisible IR Illuminators Can Be the Perfect Companion for CCTV

Simply because IR illuminators are invisible to the naked eye, they can be the perfect companions for your CCTV. In situations where you need stealth or less light pollution, such as in residential neighborhoods, IR illuminators are ideal. They do not interfere with your neighbor’s sleep habits, and they are less expensive to maintain than white light. Invisible IR illuminators also penetrate the darkness for a much farther distance than their white light counterparts, making them more cost-effective.

License Plate Recognition

Iluminar’s range of License Plate Recognition cameras have been designed to capture license plates 24/7, irrespective of the lighting conditions or the speed with which the vehicle is travelling. These cameras can read license plates at up to 60’ (18m) and provide high quality images across the complete spectrum. They are designed as all-in-one systems integrating camera, lighting, filter, lens and electronic synchronization control into a single enclosure.