American Guardian
Temperature Scanner
Qualcomm-body temperature and facial
recognition scanner that securely scans in
less than one second with on-board AI.
Free Troubleshooting
& Premium Tech Support
GSS offers a flexible suite of support services designed to meet the needs of GSS customers and to provide troubleshooting assistance
The Best and Largest
in Mobotix Distribution
ISONAS IP Access Control
ISONAS is an IP access control solution to secure your doors. No more messy wires. Just one CAT 5.
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Time Lapse Video

GSS now offers a time-lapse video solution! The best pricing in the U.S.

Public Health Solutions

Measures infrared radiation, which is very useful in identifying heat sources, detects elevated body temperature and provides fast and accurate measurements.


In today’s technologically driven world, it is becoming more imperative that businesses and organizations adopt security and surveillance measures to safeguard both their physical assets and people. 

Access Control & Alarm

GSS offers multiple solutions for your everyday access control needs. The combination of our award winning brands and their corresponding software make it possible to protect your assets internally and externally from a single, remote platform. 

Storage & IT

Once your camera system components are compiled, it is time to start thinking about data storage and management.

Power Solution

To keep security system running smoothly, even under adverse conditions, an effective power source is indispensable. 

Lighting Solutions

Light is fundamental to camera surveillance – without light, imaging is not possible as it is light that is reflected which makes the image visible, both to the human eye and to the camera sensor.

Security Guard Solutions

Securing outdoor assets and protecting critical infrastructure has always been a paramount challenge for the business and security professionals. 

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