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Technical Profile



ROC270A, 19″ 1U short depth Turbo Fan / Fanless server is driven by Intel®10th Core-i®i7-10700TE (2.0GHz, 8 Cores, 16 Threads, 16MB Cache), providing superior performance in data processing and supporting high flexibility in application.

With 44mm of height and 380mm or 440mm of short depth by turbo fan / fanless, it’s fit for standalone application. Conduction cooled heat pipes and heat spreader are constructed on both component and system levels. Honeycomb vents are designed on sides and back to allow natural convection cooling if Turbo Fan SKU.



ROC270A’s power design is for 100V – 240V AC-IN or 9V~36V DC-IN, or redundant function which allows a flexible usage. ROC270A meets the demands of industrial embedded applied computing applications including the industrial PC platform, transaction, multimedia workstation, vehicle PC, and network computer.


I/O Placement




System main board

With combination of high CPU computing power and generate numerous heat, 7STARLAKE emphasizes on providing exceeding thermal design guarantee system offers superior performance under critical environment. Based on our experience, ROC270A adopts dual side thermal solution, with copper heat spreader directly touches the heat source components processor to absorb the heat rapidly, the heat then transfer to heat pipe; heat pipe is two-phase heat transfer involves the liquid-vapor phase change of a working fluid which can provide high efficiency heat transmission, the aluminum heat sink dissipates the heat into surrounding air promptly. Both side thermal solution is mainly for processor. With unique thermal design, 7STARLAKE is capable to integrate high power consumption CPU into 1U such slim size Turbo Fan / Fanless system.

1. Motherboard Features

The motherboard offer infrastructure optimization, by combining the performance and advanced intelligence of Intel® 10th Core-i ® processors into a dense, lower-power system-SOC type. With computer-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features now available in an ultra-dense, low-power device, it will be able to deliver balanced compute, storage and intelligent edge networks and appliances. These advanced technology building blocks offer the best work load optimized solutions and long life availability with the Intel® 10th Core-i® processor S family, with up to 64GB DDR4 SO-DIMM operating at 2933MHz, with multifunctional IO.

2. AC-IN or DC-IN Power Design

ROC270A supports 100V to 240V AC-IN or 9V~36V DC-IN power, allows the system to be utilized in extensive power types. The design of wide power range keeps the system’s reliability and you can expect longer life-span as well. Sudden drop or surge of power posts absolutely no threat to this smart system.It’s also support redundant function by option.

3. Ultra Slim Size

ROC270A is a compact yet capable industrial grade turbo fan / fanless system. This 1U size system is superior in its compact yet durable exterior design and highly functional interior structure



ProcessorIntel® 10th Core-i® Processor i7-10700TE (Frequency 2.0GHz, Turbo Boost Frequency up to 4.4GHz), 8 Core,16 Thread Support, 16MB Smart Cache
Memory typeUp to 64GB SO-DIMM DDR4-2933MHz
Expansion Slot1 x PCI-E 3.0 x 16

1 x M.2 B-Key 3042/3052

1 x M.2 E-Key 2230

1 x M.2 M-Key 2280/2242



DPResolution up to 4096 x 2304 @60Hz
HDMIResolution up to 4096 x 2304 @30Hz


Storage Device2x 2.5″ Solid State Disk (SSD)

1x M.2 2280 NVMe


Ethernet1x Intel® I219-LM Giga LAN

1x Intel® I225-LM Giga LAN


Front I/O

Button1x Power Button
Indicator LED1x HDD LED ; 1x Power LED
USB Port4x USB2.0 standard-A connectors
SSD Tray2x 2.5 SSD Easy Swap Tray

Rear I/O

Ethernet1x 2.5GbE ; 1x GbE
COM2x RS232/422/485
USB4x USB3.0 standard-A connectors
AUDIO1x Mic-in ; 1x Line-out
PowerAC-IN Plug or DC-IN Plug by option

Power Requirement

Power InputAC option :

1. 100V~240V AC-IN, 200W

2. 100V~240V AC-IN, 200W Redundant

DC option :

1.  9V~36V DC-IN, 150W

2.  9V~36V DC-IN, 150W Redundant

Operation System

Operating SystemWindows 10 64Bit, Linux by option



(W x D x H)

440 x 380 x 44mm ( AC or DC or Redundant DC)

440 x 440 x 44mm ( Redundant AC)



MIL-STD-810Method 501.5, Procedure I (Storage/High Temperature)

Method 501.5, Procedure II (Operation/High Temperature)

Method 502.5, Procedure I (Storage/Low Temperature)

Method 502.5, Procedure II (Operation/Low Temperature)

Method 503.5, Procedure I (Temperature shock)

Method 507.5, Procedure II (Temperature & Humidity)

Method 514.6, Vibration Category 24/Non-Operating (Category 20 & 24,Vibration)

Method 514.6, Vibration Category 20/Operating (Category 20 & 24,Vibration)

Method 516.6, Shock-Procedure V Non-Operating (Mechanical Shock)

Method 516.6, Shock-Procedure I Operating (Mechanical Shock)

Option : MIL-STD-167-1 / MIL-STD-901

EMCEN 61000-4-2: Air discharge: 8 kV, Contact discharge: 6kV

EN 61000-4-3: 10V/m

EN 61000-4-4: Signal and DC-Net: 1 kV

EN 61000-4-5: Leads vs. ground potential 1kV, Signal und DC-Net: 0.5 kV

CE and FCC

MIL-STD-461 (Options):

CE102 basic curve, 10kHz – 30 MHz

RE102-4, (1.5 MHz) -30 MHz – 5 GHz

RS103, 1.5 MHz – 5 GHz, 50 V/m equal for all frequencies

Operating Temperature-40 to 60°C (W/O Fan)

-40 to 85°C(W/ Fan, under 36 dB)

Storage Temperature-40 to 85°C
Relative Humidity5% to 95% , non-condensing

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