AI Accelerated TESLA T4 GPU Server by XEON-D2100 Family


  • Intel® Xeon® Skylake-D D-2183IT CPU (16 Cores, up to 3.00 GHz)
  • NVIDIA TELSA T4 GPU Card (2560 CUDA, 16GB GDDR6)
  • DDR4-128GB (Option to 256GB)
  • 9V~36V DC-DC 300W or 100V~240V AC-DC
  • Storage(1): 1 x NVMe
  • Storage(2): 2 x SATA 3.0 SSD
  • MIL-STD 810 Anti Vibration/Shock
  • IP65-rated for full system

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Technical Profile

Introduction & Key Features

The global transformation is rapidly scaling the demands for flexible computer, networking, and storage. Future workloads will necessitate infrastructures that can seamlessly scale to support immediate responsiveness and widely diverse performance requirements. The exponential growth of data generation and consumption, the rapid expansion of cloud-scale computing and 5G networks, and the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) into new usages requires that today’s data centers and networks evolve now— or be left behind in a highly competitive environment.


7Starlake’s R11D-T4 AI Inference Rugged Server which are featuring Intel® Xeon® Skylake DE D2183IT CPU with NVIDIA TESLA T4 GPU, DDR4-256 GB memory and 16 TB NVMe, to provide the seamless performance foundation for the data centric era from the multi-cloud to intelligent edge, and back. The Intel Xeon DE platform provides the foundation for an evolutionary leap forward in data center agility and scalability. Disruptive by design, this innovative processor sets a new level of platform convergence and capabilities across compute, storage, memory, network, and security.

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R11D-T4 enables a new level of consistent, pervasive, and breakthrough performance in new AI inference to implement machine learning and deep learning. In addition to Tesla T4, R11D-T4 provides one M.2 NVMe slot for fast storage access. Combining stunning inference performance, powerful CPU and expansion capability, it is the perfect ruggedized platform for versatile edge AI applications.

R11D-T4 ruggedized AI inference platforms designed for advanced inference acceleration applications such as voice, video, image and recommendation services. It supports NVIDIA® Tesla T4 GPU, featuring 8.1 TFLOPS in FP32 and 130 TOPs in INT8 for real-time inference based on trained neural network model.


7starlake GPU System Roadmap



Intel® Xeon® D-2100 Processor

The Intel® Xeon® D-2100 processor provides an intelligent, highly reliable foundation for large-capacity warm storage solutions in cloud environments. Powerful reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features support error-correcting code (ECC) as well as memory and platform-level error management and resilience. Because the processors have built-in hardware virtualization technology and lower-power versions ranging from around 60 to 110 watts, cloud service providers can pack more storage and performance into each rack, improving performance and availability within the same footprint and reducing total cost of ownership. Intel® SSD Data Center Family for NVMe* delivers fully featured line of solid-state drives to accelerate changes in cloud storage infrastructure and compliment the Intel® Xeon® D-2100 platform.





R11D-T4 Supports 4 x NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU Module; can power the planets most reliable mainstream workstations. Designed into a low-profile,70-watt package, T4 is powered by NVIDIA Turing Tensor Cores, supplying innovative multi-precision performance to accelerate a vast range of modern applications. R11D-T4 w/ Tesla T4 GPUs accelerates diverse cloud workloads. These include high-performance computing, data analytics, deep learning training and inference, graphics and machine learning. T4 features multi-precision Turing Tensor Cores and new RT Cores. It is based on NVIDIA Turing architecture and comes in a very energy efficient small PCIe form factor. R11D-T4 delivers ground-breaking performance at scale.






R11D-T4 is designed to meet strict size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements and to withstand harsh environments, including temperature extremes, shock/vibe, sand/dust, and salt/fog.

R11D-T4 is MIL-461 EMI/EMC compliant rugged Edge AI Inference server. It passes numerous environmental tests including Temperature, Altitude, Shock, Vibration, Voltage Spikes, Electrostatic Discharge and more. It support 18V-36VDC input, 800W (+60 degree > 89%) DC-DC Efficiency, State-Of-The-Art External EMI Filter The sealed compact chassis shields circuit cards from external environmental conditions such as sand, dust, and humidity.




R11D-T4 is designed to meet MIL-STD-810 standard for shock and vibration. MIL-STD-810 standard is considered the principle standard, which guarantees the system achieves superior quality and stability when operating under extreme circumstances and harsh environments. We have conducted tests and independently verified a series of testing procedures for resistance to shock, vibration, dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures.



CPUIntel® Xeon® Skaylake-D D2183IT CPU (16 Cores, up to 3.00 GHz)
Memory typeDDR4-256GB




StorageStorage(1): 1 x NVMe

Storage(2): 2 x SATA 3.0 SSD


Rear I/O

X11 x 10GbE
X21 x 10GbE
X31 x IPMI
X41 x VGA
X52 x USB
X61 x DC

Power Requirement

Power Input9V~36V DC-DC 300W or 100V~240V AC-DC

Applications, Operating System

OSWindows® 10 64-bit / Linux


Dimension300 x 315 x 86 mm (W x D x H)
HeatsinkAluminum Alloy, Corrosion Resistant
FinishAnodic aluminum oxide


ComplianceCE and FCC, RoHS
IP RatingChassis: IP65

I/O connectors: IP67

Operating Temp.0 to 55°C
Storage Temp.-20 to 70°C