3U IP65 Dual-GPU Rugged Server with Intel® Alder Lake-S Processor


  • Intel® 12th Gen Alder Lake Core® I9-12900 (16xC) Processor
  • 2TB NVMe Gen 4.0 (W/R,3000MB/sec)-System Drive
  • 4x SATA Drive Bay (SAS/SATA) RAID10
  • 2x 2.5GbE (Option 1 : 4x 10GbE ; Option 2 : 2x GbE)
  • 2x Nvidia RTX A2000 GPU (3,328 CUDA) ; Option 1 : Nvidia RTX A4000 GPU (6,144 CUDA) ; Option 2 : Nvidia RTX A6000 GPU (10,752 CUDA)
  • DC-DC 24V (800W) ; Option 1 : Redundant AC 100~240V Input ; Option 2 : MIL-STD -461 18~36V DC
  • MIL-STD-810 Thermal, shock, vibration, Humidity  EMI / EMC Resistance
  • Extreme Temperature : -20°C to +55°C

Intel Gold

Technical Profile



Introduction & Key Features


The global transformation is rapidly scaling the demands for flexible computer, networking, and storage. Future workloads will necessitate infrastructures that can seamlessly scale to support immediate responsiveness and widely diverse performance requirements. The exponential growth of data generation and consumption, the rapid expansion of cloud-scale computing and 5G networks, and the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) into new usages requires that today’s data centers and networks evolve now— or be left behind in a highly competitive environment.


7Starlake’s HPC3000-AL 3U IP65 Military Dual-GPU Server features 12th  Gen. Intel® Alder Lake-S® i9-12900 processor ( 16 Cores, 2.4 GHz, 65W) with 2 x NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU, up to 128GB Unbuffered non-ECC UDIMM, DDR5-4000MHz and 2TB by Gen 4.0 NVMe M.2, 4 x 2.5” Easy Swap HDD/SSD Tray(RAID 10 support), to provide the seamless performance foundation for the data centric era from the multi-cloud to intelligent edge, and back.


Intel’s 10nm Alder Lake-S With 16 Cores, PCIe5.0


Today’s scientific discoveries are fueled by innovative algorithms, new sources and volumes of data, and advances in compute and storage. Machine learning, deep learning, and AI converge the capabilities of massive compute with the flood of data to drive next-generation applications, such as autonomous systems and self-driving vehicles. Recognising this demand, 7STARLAKE employs 12th Gen Intel® Core® processors that are built specifically for the flexibility to run complex AI workloads on the same hardware as existing workloads to be the CPU of HPC3000-AL.


Intel Alder Lake is based on 12th Generation Intel Core Alder Lake-S Processor in LGA1700 Socket with R680E chipset, up to 16 cores, 125W TDP. Intel Alder Lake-S processors will be based on the 10nm+ process node. The main highlight of Alder Lake-S processors will be support for PCIe Gen 5 and 4-channel DDR5 memory.






NVIDIA RTX™ technology has fundamentally changed computer graphics, blending real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and the power of advanced graphics and computing to drive the next wave of innovation in visual computing. The NVIDIA Ampere architecture is the second generation of NVIDIA RTX—providing a higher level of power and performance for professional workflows to accelerate time-to-market and time-to-solution.


The NVIDIA RTX A2000 series graphics cards bring the power of RTX to more professionals with a powerful low-profile dual-socket GPU design, delivering instant ray tracing, AI-accelerated computing, and high-performance graphics to your desktop. Based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the VR ready RTX A2000 combines 26 second-generation RT cores, 104 third-generation Tensor cores, and 3,328 next-generation CUDA® cores with 6GB or 12GB of GDDR6 memory supporting Error Correcting Code (ECC). It is another industry first in this product range.


RTX A2000文案圖


-Quad 10GbE X710-DA4


The Intel Quad Port 10GbE Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710-DA4 is the foundation for server connectivity, providing broad interoperability, critical performance optimisations, and increased agility for Telecommunications, Cloud, and Enterprise IT network solutions. The X710-DA4 offers four ports of wire-speed 10GbE use SFP+ Direct Attached Twin Axial Cabling up to 10m and is backward compatible to 1GbE.


X710-DA4 文案圖


-Highpoint RAID SSD-7502


The SSD7502 is the industry’s fastest Dual-Port PCIe Gen4 RAID controller, and features bootable RAID support for Windows and Linux based platforms. The low-profile SSD7502 incorporates a state of the art Gen4 PCIe Switch Chipset to ensure each M.2 port has x4 lanes of dedicated bandwidth. HighPoint’s 7500 Series combine dedicated, cutting edge PCIe Gen 4 x16 host connectivity with our industry proven RAID technology to deliver unbeatable storage performance.


SSD7502 文案圖




CPUIntel® Core™ I9-12900, 65W, Alder Lake 12th Gen, 16C, Freq. 2.4/5.1 GHz, 30MB Smart cache

Intel® Core™ I7-12700 65W, Alder Lake 12th Gen, 12C, Freq. 2.1/4.9 GHz, 25MB Smart cache

Memory typeUp to 128GB Unbuffered non-ECC UDIMM, DDR5-4000MHz



GPUDual NVIDIA RTX A2000, PCI-E (12GB-GDDR6, CUDA 3,328)

Option 1 : NVIDIA RTX A4000, PCI-E (16GB-GDDR6, CUDA 6,144)

Option 2 : NVIDIA RTX A6000, PCI-E (48GB-GDDR6, CUDA 10,752)




NVMe2TB NVMe 4.0 M.2 (R/W, 3000MB/sec)

Option : 2TB RAID1 NVMe 4.0 (R/W, 3000MB/sec)

HDD/SSD4x 2.5” Easy Swap HDD/SSD , RAID 10 Support



Ethernet2x 2.5GbE Intel® i225-LM

Option 1 : 2 x GbE Intel® I350-AM4

Option 2 : 4 x 10GbE (SFP+) Intel® X710-DA4 (Options)


Front I/O


USB3.02x DTL38999(USB3FTV7AZNF312)
10GbE(Option)4x DTL38999(LCFTV6MDGN)
2.5GbE2x DTL38999(LCFTV6MDGN)
VGA1x DTL38999(TV07RW-9-09S)
COM1x DTL38999(TV07RW-9-09S)
DIO1x DTL38999(TV07RW-9-09S)
DC-IN1x DTL38999(TV06RW09-98S)
Power Button1x Power Button with LED backlight
SDD1x SSD light

4x 2.5” Easy swap HDD/SSD Tray


Power Requirement


Power InputDC-DC 24V (500W)

Option 1 : Redundant AC 100~240V Input

Option 2 : MIL-STD -461 18~36V DC-IN




ApplicationMilitary Platforms Requiring Compliance MIL-STD-810

Embedded Computing and applications subject to Harsh Temperture, Shock, Vibration, Atitude, Dust and EMI Conditions.


OS support list


WindowsWindows 10
LinuxBy request



Dimension (W x D x H)480 x 132 x 500 mm
ClassisAluminum Alloy, Corrosion Resistant
Operation Temp.-20°C to +55°C
Storage Temp.-40°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity5% to 95%, non-condensing


Method 501.5, Procedure I (Storage/High Temperature)

Method 501.5, Procedure II (Operation/High Temperature)

Method 502.5, Procedure I (Storage/Low Temperature)

Method 502.5, Procedure II (Operation/Low Temperature)

Method 503.5, Procedure I (Temperature shock)

Method 507.5, Procedure II (Temperature & Humidity)

Method 514.6, Vibration Category 24/Non-Operating (Category 20 & 24,Vibration)

Method 514.6, Vibration Category 20/Operating (Category 20 & 24,Vibration)

Method 516.6, Shock-Procedure V Non-Operating (Mechanical Shock)

Method 516.6, Shock-Procedure I Operating (Mechanical Shock)

Method 500.5, Procedures I and II (Altitude, Operation): 12,192M, (40,000 ft) for the initial cabin altitude (18.8Kpa or 2.73 Psia)

Method 500.5, Procedures III and IV (Altitude, Non-Operation): 15,240, (50,000 ft) for the initial cabin altitude (14.9Kpa or 2.16 Psia)

MIL-STD-461CE102 : 10kHz – 30 MHz

RE102-4 : 1.5 MHz -30 MHz – 5 GHz

RS103 : 200 MHz – 3.2GHz, 50 V/m equal for all frequencies

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