Multi-sensor PTRZ cameras

Cover wide areas with one camera

Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras are equipped with multiple sensors, allowing them to effectively monitor wide areas with just a single device. Multi-directional cameras can simultaneously monitor multiple directions without any blind spots.

By installing Wisenet multi-sensor cameras, the cost of system installation and maintenance is reduced while successfully monitoring wide areas.

Indoor/Outdoor Rated

Ideal for:
Two Cash Register Lanes
Two Entrances
Long Hallways (monitoring opposing directions simultaneously)
Stair Wells

Hallway view for monitoring vertical shaped areas

In a vertical shaped environment, such as corridors, hallways, tunnels, or aisles, traditional horizontal shaped videos focus on unnecessary edges of the area causing bandwidth and storage waste.

The Hallway view, 3 : 4 and 9 : 1 6 aspect ratio image is created : a vertically oriented video that maximizes image quality in narrow locations

True WDR Performance

Even with backlight, Wisenet’s cutting-edge WDR technology addresses a limitation found in conventional WDR cameras, while producing clear and vivid images. WDR improves the accuracy of an image by resolving the difference in brightness.

A comprehensive range of intelligent video/audio analytics,

Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras

support a variety of exclusive video and audio analytics, providing
enhanced monitoring solutions and market intelligence

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