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GSS Technical Support Service is available for customers to ensure that products purchased from GSS function as per the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturers in their user manuals and other media if provided.



GSS offers a flexible suite of support services designed to meet the needs of GSS customers and to provide basic configuration and troubleshooting assistance.

We offer the following technical support services:

  1. Free Support - Email Support
    • Technical Support requests may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • GSS will provide free email support for products purchased from us which will be available to all customers.
    • All customers who do not buy a support package/program fall into the free email support category for products purchased from GSS.
    • Free email support is offered as best effort for customers who do not purchase a support package/program
    • Free email support has a response time of up to 24 hours and all correspondence will be via email only.
    • Response time is calculated upon receipt of email during business hours. If an email request is generated outside of business hours, response time is calculated from the start of business hours on the following business day.

    Customers are responsible for reading the manufacturer's user manuals pertinent to the product and situation

    **Note –GSS cannot provide support for products not purchased from GSS.

  2. Annual Technical Support Program
    • Lowest minimum fee rate
    • The program has the option to purchase a 5 hour OR 10 hour OR 25 hour block of time per year of premium support billed annually
    • Quarterly reports highlighting how time was used, when, by whom and remaining balance time available upon request.
    • Response time within 2 hours of support request in case of unavailable GSS technical support representative.
      Hours Purchased Expiration Time Price
      5 * 1 year $500
      10 * 1 year $1000
      25 * 1 year $2500

      * 1 year starts from date of invoice for program purchased.

  3. Pay As You Go
    • Billing rate of $1.99 per minute
    • Immediate invoicing after incident/issue resolution
    • Complete report of support provided and time spent available upon request
    • Response time within 2 hours of support request in case of unavailable technical support representative.


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