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GeoVision has released a new version 8.5 of GV-DVR/NVR and CMS. This new version 8.5 also supports Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit as in previous versions. The GV-NVR version 8.5 supports Intel Sandy Bridge GPU and enhances HD video decoding, along with the new features as below.

The fisheye object tracking function enables blind-spot-free tracking to get a closer view of moving objects.

The wide angle lens de-warping function provides non-distortion video for normal wide angle lenses, and thus saves the cost from adopting expansive non-distortion wide angle lens.

The face mosaic function blurs the faces when a video is played back for privacy concern.

The intrusion function is added with depth setting so that any object in different distance can be identified accordingly.

The newly-added option of ignore-environment-change is used to decrease environmental motion alarms such as rain, snow, waves, or the moving leaves in the trees.

With its multi-screen function, the version 8.5 CMS application can support up to 16 monitors which enable video wall solutions for control rooms displays.

GeoVision has also released a PCI-E interfaced video capture card GV-900A. The GV-900A is the first GeoVision video capture card that supports a maximum of 32 channels video recording in a single card. It features a total of 240fps at D1 resolution when running on 8 video channels.

Another eye-catching NVR solution from GeoVision is the GV-Recording Server for 128 channels of IP video recording. The GV-Recording Server, which supports ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP protocols, is designed for large-scale or multi-site deployments.


  • Main System
    • Support for new GV-Video Capture Cards: GV-600B, GV-650B, GV-800B, GV-900A and GV-4008A
    • AAC 16 kHz / 16 bit audio codec
    • Object tracking in fisheye view
    • Support for recording in standard type of H.264, MPEG4 and JPEG codec
    • Live view buffer and frame rate control
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping
    • Support for new GeoVision IP devices: GV-BL120D, GV-BL130D, GV-BL220D, GV-BL320D, GV-BX120DW, GV-BX130D, GV-BX520D, GV-CB120, GV-CB220, GV-FD120D, GV-FD130D, GV-FD220D, GV-FD320D, GV-FE420 / 421, GV-FE520 / 521, GV-MFD120, GV-MFD130, GV-MFD220, GV-MFD320, GV-MFD520, GV-VD120D, GV-VD220D, GV-VD320D, GV-Compact DVR V3 (4CH), GV-Compact DVR V3 (8CH) and GV-VS04H
    • Support for ACTi TCM-7811
    • Support for more Arecont Vision IP cameras: AV10005, AV2825, AV1325, AV5125DN, AV5115, AV3115 and AV3125
    • Support for more AXIS IP cameras: M3113 and P5532
    • Support for more D-Link IP cameras: DCS-2102, DCS-3410 and DCS-3430
    • Support for HUNT IP cameras: HLC-15M, HLC-81M and HLC-84M
    • Support for more Pelco IP cameras: D5118, IM10C10 and IX10DN
    • Support for Samsung SNB-3000
    • Support for Sony SNC-CH120
    • Support for TAKEX IP cameras (only for Japan market): NCC-130P, NBC-130P and NSC-130
  • ViewLog / Single Player
    • Support for saving dewarped fisheye view in AVI format
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping
  • Authentication Server
    • Support for Windows Active Directory
  • Control Center
    • Multiple Screen with which a video wall can be established
  • GV-GIS
    • Three recording modes available for Mobile Hosts: manual recording, record by event and record upon input trigger
    • User-defined storage groups and recycle settings
  • New Application
    • Mobile Server for accessing GV-System using RTSP protocols


  • General
    • System instability with Sandy Bridge chipsets occurred on GV applications required a USB dongle
    • System instability that occurred on GV applications required a USB dongle and under CPU power-saving mode
  • Main System
    • Failure to display Object Tracking / Zoom In Object setup page for COP (15-CD55W) Pelco D
    • Inability to detect PTZ functions of some IP cameras when multiple PTZ IP cameras are connected
    • Delay when moving the PTZ camera vertically using remote applications
    • Problems with PTZ function of Samsung SPD-1600
    • Pause when controlling Samsung SCC-641 / 643 it's PTZ functions using GV-Joystick
    • Failure to display camera view of Arecont Vision AV8180
    • Failure to display camera view of Pelco Spectra IV
    • Failure to display camera view of Canon VB-C60B
    • GV-System failure when several MOBOTIX M12D are connected
    • Failure to display Panasonic HCM-715, VIVOTEK FD7132 / IP7330 and ACTi ACD-2100 in Model drop-down list when adding a camera
    • GV-System failure when 2 Arecont Vision AV8000 series cameras are added and any channel becomes disconnected
    • GV-System restart when accessing Arecont Vision AV5100 live view on GV-System through Control Center
    • GV-System failure when recording more than 20 IP cameras in MPEG4 through RTSP protocol
    • GV-System failure when pressing Cancel button right after clicking Test Mail Account in e-mail server setup
    • Problem with on-screen LED panel of Media Man Tools in English version
    • Advanced I/O panel failure after changing mode when the mode schedule is enabled
  • ViewLog
    • Address book error when a second host cannot be detected after clicking the Update button
    • Backup failure if the backup folder name is changed when backing up GV-VS02 using Remote ViewLog
    • Failure to merge multiple events when events are selected with keyboard
    • Failure to apply MDB filter when searching POS data using Remote ViewLog
    • Problem with privacy mask or text overlay when playing video recorded by codec version earlier than V8.4
    • Failure to play back video in 800 x 608 resolution
  • Multi View Viewer
    • Failure to display actual size image from IP camera hosts in full screen
  • Center V2
    • Center V2 failure when the Defog and PIP functions are enabled together and the image size is changed from Actual Size to Small Size
    • Failure of connecting Center V2 Server to GV-System V8.3 or earlier versions
  • Control Center
    • Control Center failure under matrix view while holding GV-Joystick all the way to the end on GV-PTZ010D and GV-PT110D channels
    • Failure to Instant Playback under matrix view
    • Failure of flickering icon on E-Map when motion events are detected on IP Camera hosts
    • Matrix view display issue in which the images are displayed repeatedly while switching divisions under dual streams
    • Message mistake such that ID and Password are indicated to be incorrect when in fact the Control Center attempts to connect to a GV-System that is not configured for the White List
  • Backup Server
    • Failure to save recording files to the next recording location when the current recording location is full


  • Main System
    • Enhanced H.264 decoding and support for GPU decoding
    • Support for configuration change without stopping recording
    • Added display ratio adjustment for fisheye view
    • Support for connection with POS devices using OPOS and TCP/IP protocol
    • Added advanced video attributes adjustment for GV-IP cameras
    • Automatic setup of IP devices within an IP range
    • Support for PTZ functions through ONVIF
    • Added environmental change filter to reduce false alarm in Advanced Motion Detection
    • Added sensitivity adjustment in Face Detection
    • Added noise tolerance adjustment in Object Index and Face Detection
    • Added snapshot frequency for Video Snapshot
    • Support for dual stream in GV-IP Speed Dome
    • Added auto iris to PTZ control panel for GV-IP Speed Dome
  • ViewLog
    • Enhanced multi-channel playback to provide higher frame rates
    • Added Direct Merge to save videos in AVI format at a faster speed
    • Added face mask function to detect and blur human faces for privacy purposes
    • Support for backup to blu-ray disc using OS-burning
    • Display of average vehicle speed when playing back video recorded by GV-Compact DVR V3
  • Center V2
    • Quick insertion of subscriber name and ID to e-mail and SMS notification messages
    • Event category tabs on the main window (only for Pro version)
    • A configurable category tab on the main window, showing the events customized for the tab (only for Pro version)
    • Alert level feature with which events of different alert levels are distinguished by color (only for Pro version)
    • Support for GV-I/O Boxes of Ethernet module connected to the Center V2 Server through the network
    • Image size adjustment on the EZ player window with which source images can be adjusted to fit the EZ player window
    • Support for Storage Group, and variable recycle size which increases when the number of connected channels increases
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping for correcting image distortion
  • Dispatch Server
    • Manual dispatch of subscribers to any online Center V2 Servers
    • Support for automatic distribution of a subscriber to a user-defined Center V2 Server whenever this server is online
  • VSM
    • Device tree, showing subscribers, their devices and status on the main window
    • A configurable category tab on the main window, showing the events customized for the tab
    • Alert level feature with which events of different alert levels are distinguished by color on the main window
    • Temperature alarm to notify the operator when the subscriber (most GV-IP Cameras and GV-System with GV-3008 Card) has reached or exceeded the specified temperature
    • Notification messages for a lost or undetectable device, recycling of GV-System recordings, login change of GV-System subscribers, and POS connection status
  • Control Center
    • Live view display on VMD window when an input is triggered and/or a specified temperature is reached or exceeded
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping for correcting image distortion
    • Search feature which queries for the events occurred at DVR hosts under the criteria defined
    • User-configurable monitor display position for each matrix
  • Backup Server
    • Recycle settings for Backup Server independent from those for GV-System
  • iPod / iPad Application
    • GV-Eye HD V1.0 and GV-Eye now supports 1.3 megapixel live view


  • Main System
    • Removal of H.264 V1 codec
  • ViewLog
    • Replaced Geo MPEG4 and MPEG4 codec options with Geo H.264 V2 and WMV9 when saving video in AVI format

For more information, please go to GSSDVR website or contact your GeoVision This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. representatives.

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{highslide type="img" url="IPPhones/grainstream/GXV3140.jpg" width=240 captionText='GXV3140'}{/highslide}

The GXV3140 combines best-in-class technology to enable free video and voice calling worldwide with just one simple step: plug-in. The GXV3140 allows you to keep in touch with friends and family around the world as well as information that impacts your daily life without interruption, any time of day.

Make free voice and video calls upon.

Enhance your productivity and reduce your travel costs.

Access real time information through an integrated web browser, RSS feeds of weather/news/stocks and internet radio.

IM with Yahoo/MSN/Google.

Access to Yahoo Flickr web photo album, alarm clock, calendar, games, music ring tones.

A full-duplex speakerphone and popular voice codec support ensure best-in-class telephony features.

  • 4.3” digital TFT color LCD (480x272 resolution), 1.3M pixel CMOS camera with privacy shutter
  • Dual switched 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet ports
  • SD/MMC/SDHC, USB, stereo headset with microphone, stereo audio output, video output, 2-angle stand, wall mountable
  • High fidelity full-duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo canceller
  • H.264 baseline (with CABAC enhancement pending) and H.263/H.263+ video standard at bit rate of 64kbps to 1Mbps, frame rate of up to 30fps and resolution of QVGA/CIF/QCIF
  • G.711 (a/u-law), G.722 (wideband), G.723.1, G.729A/B, GSM-FR, G.726-32 voice codec and AAC, MP3, WMA, Real, Ogg-Vorbis audio codec
  • Web browser, IM with Yahoo/MSN/Google, RSS feeds of weather/news/stocks, Internet radio, music/video streaming/playing from SD/USB card/Internet, Yahoo Flickr web photo album, alarm clock, calendar, games, music ring tone, etc
  • Intuitive graphic user interface with customizable skins, multi-language, multiple virtual screens
  • Advanced smart NAT traversal technology to allow truly zero-configuration plug-and-play
  • Strong security and privacy protection based on TLS/SRTP/AES
  • Support for OpenVPN for increased security and control


{highslide type="img" url="IPPhones/grainstream/GXE502x.jpg" width=240 captionText='PH-GXV-GXE504 / PH-GXV-GXE508'}{/highslide}

The GXE502x appliance is a powerful all-in-one voice + video + fax + data communication solution for the small to medium sized business, especially companies with sub-30 seats per location. The GXE502x takes modern business communication systems to a heightened level of innovation, quality, reliability, ease of deployment and affordability.

Designed from ground up to support distributed IP communications, intelligent unified messaging, advanced application integration and popular PBX features.

Optimal integration of legacy PSTN trunk and telephone interfaces for fail-safe hybrid communication needs in all circumstances including power or network loss.

Flexibility, functionality and affordability all-in-one IP PBX device

  • Integrated high performance data router with advanced voice/video QoS support
  • Integrated legacy PSTN trunks, analog phone/FAX ports & unlimited SIP trunk options
  • Integrated session border controller (SBC) for NAT/firewall traversal and secure telecommuting
  • Integrated conference bridges that allow any combination of IP or PSTN calls using any codecs(built-in transcoding)
  • Unified messaging including voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email and video-to-email (pending)
  • Power and network failure survivability and recovery; Integrated PoE (802.3af)
  • Support true & local emergency call routing in all circumstances
  • Automated detection and provisioning of IP phones, video phones, ATA and other endpoints for easy deployment
  • Rich PBX features such as presence, shared line appearance, call park & pickup, call queue, ACD, intercom & paging, ring group, customizable auto attendant & IVR, personal music-on-hold, branch office system peering
  • Hardware accelerated encryption engine to ensure strongest security protection using SRTP and TLS
  • Personal Web portal to manage individual phone/call setting, personal greeting, new or saved voice/fax/video messages for each extension user
  • Flexible dial plan, call routing and call recording (pending)


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