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1. Product Description

As previously announced, MOBOTIX will further improve the usability of the new T24MX system and has therefore delayed the launch of the keypad and security door opener products. The software of both products will be improved in conjunction with the usability of access control scenarios. Objective is to present a more powerful and "easy to use" complete solution after the summer break.

In the meantime, we will launch most of the modules and accessories, in various colors, of our MOBOTIX T24 IP door station in order to enable entrance or simple access control solutions with our hemispheric camera technology. As an initial solution for door bell entrance situations, we offer 2 Siedle door bell modules as well. Other compatible modules (Siedle Vario Program) can also be used with MOBOTIX frames and modules.


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Q24M Hemispheric: 3.1 Megapixels (2048 x 1536)

The combination of a high-resolution 3 megapixel color sensor, an extremely wide-angle lens and an internal long-term storage (32 GB MicroSD card)* allow monitoring an entire room (10 m x 10 m) using only one single Q24 and saving the data as a high-resolution video sequence. Thanks to the camera‘s integrated distortion correction feature, image data can be corrected for perspective either in real time or in subsequent research allowing it to be displayed in an especially user-friendly way. While the viewer is able to freely navigate through the entire distortion-corrected image (also in surround or panorama view) using the virtual PTZ function to closely analyze specifi c image areas, the camera will continue to monitor the entire room in the background. The Q24 contains no mechanical moving parts and can be discreetly integrated into any environment thanks to its elegant design, compact size and wide range of mounting accessories. The Q24‘s weatherproof housing makes it suitable for outdoor use at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F).

  • 3 Megapixel Hemispheric FixDome (IP65)
  • Hemispheric Technology: 360° recording
  • In-camera distortion correction
  • Digital pan/tilt/zoom
  • Integrated video motion recognition
  • User-defi nable exposure fields
  • In-camera recording to MicroSD
  • IP telephony with video stream (H.263)
  • Integrated microphone + loudspeaker
  • Camera-controlled recording on Windows/Linux/Mac systems
  • Power supply via Ethernet cable

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T24: Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

Better Overview, Increased Security, More Possibilities

Door stations with integrated cameras have been around for years. They are almost always based on analog TV technology that is over 60 years old and, because of the system involved, can only deliver very low image quality. Such systems only enable limited two-way communication. The station is installed using a complex cabling and power supply system.

The new T24 IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX offers a modern, powerful solution that is easy to install and that has never been available to the market until now.

MOBOTIX IP Door Station Based On The International VoIP/SIP Video Telephony Standard.

  • Two-way video around the world
    The T24 is based on the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP. When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. This means that, from anywhere in the world, you can conduct video conversations with visitors at your door or open the door remotely.
  • Allround view with no blind spots
    The high-resolution hemispheric door camera can capture the entire entrance area with no blind spots, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.
  • Recording with sound
    The T24 will also inform the homeowner about who came to the door while they were away. This is possible because the camera also records automatically. Continuously or event-controlled, when, for example, someone rings the doorbell or the camera detects movement.
  • Keyless access
    Who is authorized into the building and when? The door opener can be controlled, simply and securely, via a PIN code or an RFID transponder using the individually configurable access module.
  • Integrated message function
    Digital voice messages can be left directly at the door station and played back automatically. This means that a courier or mail carrier can leave a message to the customer about where the delivery was brought to in their absence.
  • Very simple
    The station can be connected and supplied with power via an Ethernet cable or, thanks to Mx2wire technology, simply via a bell wire. The T24 can therefore be easily upgraded at very little cost. The weatherproof outdoor station (IP65) is available in four attractive colors. In addition, MOBOTIX is offering an upgrade version for the Vario system from Siedle.

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More Camera For Less. Guaranteed!

The professional and low-cost exchangeable-lens camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Internal, digital video recorder with up to 32 GB of storage capacity and HiRes recording up to 3.1 megapixels. Over 30 times more detail than CIF!

MOBOTIX HiRes video replaces up to 6 cameras

  • Individual choice of lens: tele/wide-angle, day/night, CS-Mount and Hemispheric (180°)
  • Perfect for video security and as 180° panoramic webcam
  • Fast, simple on wall, mast or ceiling
  • Integrated DVR with HiRes video recording without network load
  • Robust, low-maintenance and weatherproof from -30° to +60°C (-22° to +140°F), (IP66)
  • Digital continuous zoom, pan and tilt
  • Microphone and speaker with improved audio quality
  • Mx-M24 User Manual
  • MX-M24, 300dpi, Jpeg
  • Mobotix Lens Options


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