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VIDOS-NVR receives MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 video from Bosch Video over IP encoders. Because VIDOS-NVR is IP-based it is fundamentally different from conventional DVRs and VCRs. They can be securely positioned anywhere on the network because they are not tied to the coax. This simplification in cabling and IT's increasing role in system management are major drivers in the adoption of IP video. VIDOS-NVR and the commercial-class redundant power supply NVR server running the robust Windows 2003 Server guarantee optimum performance and reliability, and is available preconfigured. Each NVR server streams IP video to one or more RAID disk arrays for storage ranging up to 8 TB in capacity.

iSCSI RAIDs are the other option, where IP cameras and encoders stream directly to the disk array.

IP Video Management

Security and surveillance operators use the VIDOS PC-based software to manage their world. Custom site maps instantly correlate cameras to their physical location. Users can switch cameras to special video windows on the PC monitor, or onto one of many hardware analog/VGA monitors. They can manage alarms and relays and control PTZ cameras while monitoring the health of encoders, decoders and NVRs.

Finally, the operator can choose between a PC keyboard and mouse or Bosch's IntuiKey CCTV keyboard a simple yet effective and very robust interface.

The VIDOS video management system is available both on a single PC or as a true client-server version when larger demand the highest level of maintainability and functionality.

For more information on the IP CCTV portfolio, please contact us 703-222-4666.

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