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IP Cameras:


MOBOTIX™ cameras are the premier name in IP surveillance today. Their
decentralized system concept has revolutionized the industry. Based in Germany,
MOBOTIX™ has an outstanding dedication to quality, producing all of their cameras
and software in-house. Their 3 Mega-Pixel imagery is the best in the market. With
their decentralized concept, surveillance software is imbedded inside the camera, so no
license fees are associated with MOBOTIX™. They are ideal for both large and small
scale jobs, and do not require a high-grade PC for viewing and playback.
Some essential MOBOTIX™ features include full SIP functionality, email alerts,
digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom capability, motion detection, event based and continuous recording,
built in flash storage, custom resolutions, storage to a NAS device, and no moving parts
or pieces. Read More


Geovision™ is a leading DVR/NVR manufacturer whose new line of IP cameras
are an extremely cost effective solution for small scale jobs. Ranging from 1.3 to 4 Mega-
Pixel, Geovision™ has cameras to meet any number of applications, from basic indoor
color domes, to outdoor Infrared bullets. They have recently released a stand alone
NVR-Lite unit that is perfect for home or small office. Their extremely user
friendly software interface now includes free licenses for an unlimited number of their
cameras. Read More


ACTi™ is a global leader in IP surveillance technologies. Their wide variety of
camera models ensures they have something to fit your small scale IP applications.
They provide their own free software for up to 16 cameras, and also work with such
leading NVR manufacturers such as NUUO and QNAP. They will soon be releasing a
line of 4 Mega-Pixel cameras and a customizable POS solution. Read More


Vivotek™ offers a terrific line of IP cameras for both indoor and outdoor
applications. Their 2 Mega-Pixel outdoor bullet, the IP7361, offers stunning picture
quality during both the day and night. Vivotek™ hardware is extremely easy to install,
and makes putting together a small scale job a snap. Read More

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