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Geovision Access Control

Wiegand Capture

Wiegand Capture is a box device that can integrate your current Wiegand access control system into DVR systems manufactured by GeoVision. Through the Wiegand Capture, the photo identification and text data from the access control can be easily combined on the video data from DVR. The Wiegand Capture is ideal for access control, time and attendance, or authorized access management where video data is required. The security can use the higher security level of the combined video data for live monitoring during busy hours, and for recording during off-peak hours.


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  • Reader 1251: 125kHz Proximity (EM) Card Reader
  • Reader 1352 V2: 13.56MHz Mifare Contactless Smart Card Reader, ISO14443A compatible
  • Support Wiegand interface
  • Support RS485 (9600bps) communication type
  • Red / Green LED and Beeper with auto / user mode setup


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The fingerprint reader GeoFinger can work with AS200 Controller and ASManager to create a complete access control system.

With the GeoFinger reader only, you can enroll and manage users through the supplied Manager Enroll Card and Delete Card along with MIFARE user cards.

  • Works with AS200 Controller and ASManager
  • Standalone system without the need of cabling or PC
  • Access by card plus fingerprint
  • Fingerprint templates stored on the user card
  • Wiegand output 26 bits


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Working as a standalone solution, AS100 is a card reader and also a single door controller. It is possible to add one more card reader to AS100 for entry and exit applications. AS100 has the capability to store up to one thousand cards. When AS100 is being used as a standalone unit the programming is either done on the keypad or from the software ASManager through the RS-485 connection.

AS100 is suitable not only for any normal door control but also for parking gate and elevator control.

  • 1,000 / 40,000 cards (standalone / networked mode)
  • Easy programming from keypad
  • Anti-Passback (APB) support
  • Built-in 3 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs
  • One Weigand output (26 ~ 64 bits) for extra reader programming


{highslide type="img" url="solutions/accesscontrol/AS200_board.jpg" width=240 captionText='AS-200'}{/highslide}
  • Support up to 10,000 cards
  • Support up to 65,536 event buffers
  • Network communication via RS485 or TCP/IP (Optional)
  • Support 4 Wiegand card/ biometric readers of 26-40 bits (Support both Reader & 3rd party Weigand Reader).
  • Support up to 8 Readers via RS485 connection
  • Support 4 predefined work mode—One-Way Control; Two-Way Control; Mixed Control; One Way Traffic
  • 4 authentication schedules—Card Mode; Release Mode; Card & Pin code Mode; Card or Keypad mode
  • Each door supports fire/ tamper alert feature
  • Door sensor supports NC/NO type
  • Support Interzone function
  • Support anti-passback function (except one-way control mode)
  • Anti-duress password
  • Two person A / B card rule
  • Compatible software: ASManager


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