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Wiring/Power Supplies

Wiring/Power Supplies
When ordering your new DVR system with cameras, you will need cables to connect the DVR system to your cameras. So do not forget to buy the correct cables to go with your DVR system.
In order to connect the cables from your DVR system to the cameras, you will need the appropriate connectors. So do not forget to get the right cameras to connect your system.
Power Supplies
You will need the appropriate power supplies for your new DVR and camera system. DVRs and the cameras accept a very specific amount of power, and if the right power supplies are not used, it can damage your equipment. So do not forget to order the appropriate power supplies.
Battery Backup (UPS)
Can't afford to let your systems go down in the moment of electrical failure? Then a battery backup UPS would be a smart purchase. If the building has a power loss, the UPS system will kick in and continue to power your DVR/camera system and allow for uninterrupted feed in the moment of power failure.
Balun EZ Cabling
Don't like the clutter and the complexity of cabling? Then get the Balun EZ Cabling which makes it easier and cleaner for you to do your cabling.



Siamese cable is a heavily shielded cable which contains both the video (COAX) cable and the power cable (18 gauge 2 conductor) in one jacket. You can run it long distances without interference. Also, you can cut each camera run for the exact length that you need.

Find the cable connector and DVR connector here.

Our power box has surge protection with individual LED power indicator.  All the power boxes have ON/OFF Safety Switch with LED Indicator.

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