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All-in-one surveillance solution, Live monitoring via internet browser, mobile surveillance by PDA and i-Mode, versatile MPEG4/Wavelet compression, easy integration of external alarms, POS integration.


GSS POS-risk free POS solution for all industries

The intuitive interfaces of GSS-POS make operators' usage a breeze. GSS-POS is an infinitely scalable system which protects your investments. GSS-POS excels its precedent by providing an integrated, affordable POS solution with Windows OS. The thin client/server design reduces workload at each workstation while ensuring the stability and reliability of the server. GSS-POS has multiple features that can be continuously modified based on each customers' individual requirements. The system is continuously upgraded to meet the ever-changing market's demands.

We have developed the GSS-POS System with the following features:

  • Intuitive interfaces: Point-&-Click and Drag-&-Drop
  • Touch-based or mouse-based operations
  • Easy to set up and maintain:
    The high reliability features of the GSS-POS System allow various system backup methods on both the hardware and software side, to prevent data loss and to minimize system-down frequency.
  • Great Flexibility:
    Built on open platforms such as UNIX and LINUX, GSS-POS System works with many different hardware products. Modules can be added into the backbone system for added functions and has unlimited growth potential. Users can start with lower cost equipment and then upgrade to more advanced equipment at a later time. GSS can also customize the software for special projects. GSS products give our customers the ability to keep up with the latest technology!
  • Fail-safe system mirroring
  • Risk-free printer re-direction mechanism
  • Fast-food and fine-dining modes
  • Internet remote support & access
  • Multi-language, real-time switch:
    First of a limited number of POS systems available that can handle only double byte characters i.e. Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Japanese, Thai, and other languages. The display language on the screen(s) and the printed languages on kitchen slips, or on guest checks, can all be individualized and independent from each other.
  • Table status screen for quick overview
  • Cashier or server banking mode
  • Multi-currency & Unlimited split-check capability
  • Home delivery mode
  • Kitchen/Bar monitor function
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  • To view more discussions about POS and surveillance integration, please visit DVRsecurityforum
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Data CaptureConnectorFunction
Input DB9 Female RS-232 from POS
DB25 Male / Parallel Port RS-232 from POS / Parallel Port from POS
Output DB9 Male RS-232 to Printer
DB25 Female / Parallel Port RS-232 to Printer / Parallel Port from POS
DB9 Female RS-232 to DVR
RJ-45 RJ-45 to DVR
RS-485+ Connect to GV-NET / GV-Hub / GV-Com RS-485+
RS-485- Connect to GV-NET / GV-Hub / GV-Com RS-485-
DC IN Power Adaptor DC 5V, 2A Inner Positive
Operation temperature 0~50°C
Humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Dimension 161 (W) x 34 (H) x 123 (D) mm

Note: RS-232 Connector can be used either for IN or OUT signals

GV POS solutions

GSS POS DVR stop employee theft!

GSS POS DVR system is a complete solution for loss prevention for the retail, convenience, supermarket, grocery and restaurant industry. GSS POS DVR allows you to search for video based on point-of-sale transaction data and exception events, eliminating the need to look through hours of video to try and detect a theft event. The store owner/manager can analyze point-of-sale data to identify suspicious trends and events. Enter the transaction event parameters as search criteria to retrieve video with corresponding data instantly for effective detection and verification. Suspicious transaction events can be quickly investigated by using GSS POS Watch’s powerful search features. Real-time monitoring of floor, exits, and back office allows for detection of shoplifting incidents and employee theft. Comparing transaction data to video can easily identify unintended operational errors. Managers can supervise employees, improving fraud prevention and operational and management productivity. This tool can assist with improvement of valuable customer service and marketing techniques by capturing and evaluating in-store employee and customer interaction and behavior.

Source of Inventory Shrinkage % of Loss* $Lost
Employee Theft 48.5% $15.1 billion
Shoplifting 31.7% $9.7 billion
Administrative Error 15.3% $4.8 billion
Vendor Fraud 5.4% $1.7 billion
Total Inventory Shrinkage   $31.3 billion

*total not equal to 100% due to rounding

Source: National Retail Security Survey, November 2002
(based on 2001 retail sales and inventory shrinkage)

Major Features:

  • Integration with major P.O.S systems
  • Support up to 16 cameras and 16 registers
  • Display rate 30~480 fps
  • Store video based on point-of-sale transaction data and exception events
  • Remote monitoring through internet
  • View Live Video Locally or Remotely
  • Fast search by transaction data (eg, abnormal events, sales data etc)

Connection Diagram

  • DB9 Interfaces

  • DB25 Interfaces

  • Extended Connection
  • Ethernet Connection

Supported Models

The GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance system currently supports the following cash registers and POS interfaces most popular in retail business. (*1)

Cash Registers POS Systems
  • SAMSUNG 4615
  • CASIO TK-6000
  • CASIO TK-7000
  • FUJITSU ICL 4000
  • Sharp UP 600
  • Sharp UP 3300
  • SamSung ER650
  • Panasonic 5500
  • Ruby Super System II - Gemstone
  • Panasonic 7500

(*1) GV-Data Capture Box is required in order to connect GV-DVR Systems to the machines listed above.

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