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Analog Cameras

Fixed Lens Domes Fixed Lens Domes Camera
These fixed lens dome cameras are mounted on ceilings or walls and monitor the floor. They are fixed so they can only monitor at one angle. With its tinted dome, is not noticeable as a camera to most.
Varifocal Dome Camera Varifocal Domes Camera
Varifocal len cameras allow an adjustable focus range. Can change the distance focus and allow for a specific focus on a certain object at a certain distance.
Vari focal & Vandal Proof Dome Cameras Vari-focal & Vandal Proof Domes Camera
These varifocal and vandal proof domes allow for greater security in that these cameras can not be tampered with. The Dome is very solid and strong, and can withstand impacts to allow an uninterrupted surveillance feed.
Day & Night Infrared Domes Camera Day/Night Infrared Domes Camera
These day/night camera domes are able to have a clear picture at the daytime, and monitor in the dark. It harnesses infrared rays so in the absence of light, it will compensate using infrared rays allowing this camera to see in the dark.
Professional Box Cameras Professional Box Cameras
These professional box cameras are made to deliver a high quality picture feed, featuring high resolution and a clear picture. Ideal for when you need a lot of detail in your video.
Infrared Cameras Infrared Cameras
These infrared Cameras are ideal for monitoring at night/dark areas. Featuring its own build-in LEDs, can deliver a crisp clear picture in the absence of light. Some also feature high zooming capabilities.
Bullet / Finger Cameras Bullet / Finger Cameras
The bullet/finger cameras tiny cameras that is easily concealed and hard to spot. They are very small and can be placed almost anywhere.
Hidden / Mini Cameras Hidden / Mini Cameras
If you need a camera that cannot be seen with the naked eye, then a hidden camera would fit your needs. They can be placed in different objects which serve a different purpose, to conceal the camera's location.
Specialty Cameras Specialty Cameras
We offer different specialty cameras which offers different features such as super zoom or IR cut-filters. Call us today to find more about specialty cameras!
PTZ Cameras PTZ Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
If you need a camera that is not fixed and can move, the PTZ camera is what you would get. It can pan, it can move, it can zoom, it can follow a pre-determined path, and more. It can be controlled using a keyboard from your computer or through a joystick using a GV-keyboard. PTZs cover a wide area since it can change the angle of the camera.


Innovation is the only way to create sustainable competitive advantage in today's surveillance industry.Global Surveillance System takes great pride in offering the following special application cameras: Nitrogen camera may be exposed to corrosive.  CA-BO22x allows you to zoom in 22x.


Infrared camera is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.

Our hidden cameras have a great 1/4" Sony CCD with 420 lines of resolution.


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